About us

Down below you can read about CRAFTIKA LABELS and how it all started from almost nothing and ended with one of the greatest printing worshops.

The company

“Craftika Labels Ltd” is a family managed company that was established in 2001. We have relocated to Dublin, Ireland to continue expansion and building valuable relationships.

The ethos of the business has always been based on quality and service. We like “going the extra mile” to ensure our customers are completely satisfied.  We believe a company is as good as its people. We have strong knowledge about the technical side of printing and we take a lot of pride in the work we do. “Craftika Labels Ltd” is committed to excellence, quality and people. 

History from our CEO


Back in 2004, me and my family bought three-year-old company. In the beggining the size of our premesis was 45m2. Company had 5 clients in total and they were ordering only blank labels. All we had was one machine “CARTES CE902” which was built back in 1987. I took this as an opportunity to grow and started learning everything I could about this machine. I worked with CARTES CE902 for 3 years straight almost 16 hours per day.


In 2009 we found way bigger office space and moved in. We have always been working with great efficiency and effectiveness. I kept investing in the company, our knowledge and equipment. We took extra care with our clients by paying attention to their specific needs, as it was the core essence to maintain our partnership.


2010 was the year when we saved enough funds to buy the tape printing machine. This was a serious challange because I did not know how to work with the colors. We were the only ones that had this type of Tape printing capability. There was noone to ask for help – we had to do it ourselves.


Eventually, it lead me to think about the label printing machine. And so, – I made my thoughts to become real and physical. In 2014 the dream came true – we bought 6 color flexo machine called “ARSOMA”. We started to learn everything about the materials, colors and its specificaion. In 3 years we had outgrown our premises and were in great need fore more space. There were times when we stored our material rolls on the street, just because there was no more space in our facility. It was definitely a right time for the change!


In 2017 we found a perfect printing space. It was 2200m2 big building with enclosed territory. During the October, we signed the contract and we had a new place. The relocation commenced!

We finished our first repair works and made a large storage. Our greatest success was when we acquired printing workshop. We worked hard to maintain every smallest detail within the perfection to maintain this place.


Year of 2019 was the most explosive one, – in terms of new machinery. We decided to buy two new and very powerful printing machines within a year. French Offset with specific folium device that allows us to print very detailed jobs and German 9 color Flexo machine with rotary embossing, gold print and hot print. This was bought for more complicated printing jobs, specifically for pharmacy and alcohol industry. This was an amazing year.


We bought high-speed, high-productivity 10 color Flexo printing machine which was specially made for cardboard prints. With this machine our company reached a point where we could take large quantities of jobs.

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